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October 29, 1999


Billings 99




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Congratulations  to the  UBC Sambo Team !
1999 FIAS WORLD OPEN SOMBO CHAMPIONSHIPS Billings, Montana USA 30 June 1999

medals.jpg (8748 bytes)
Logan - Luc - Michael - Ken

Logan Ailles Bronze Seniors 82 Kg
Luc Claes Gold Masters Champion 98 Kg
Bronze All Around Masters 98 Kg
Michael Chernyh  Gold Masters Champion 90 Kg
Gold All Around Masters 90 Kg
Ken Stavenes 4th place Seniors 68 Kg

Special thanks to Michael for coaching and training us! Congratulations for being undefeated!

Some info. There were 16 countries represented:

More information and results real soon!

1. Armenia 5. Canada   9.  Korea 13.  Taiwan
2. Belgium 6. France 10.  Panama 14.  Virgin Islands
3. Brazil 7. Great Britain 11.  Puerto Rico 15.  U.S.A.
4. Bulgaria 8. Italy 12.  Switserland 16.  Russia
b1mike.jpg (26082 bytes)
Michael Chernyh

our Sambo Team Coach
b1ken_logan.jpg (42757 bytes)
Ken and Logan
b1mike_ken.jpg (37225 bytes)
Michael and Ken
b1group.jpg (70869 bytes)
UBC Sambo Team with other BC competitors Murray Sholty (red) and Erik (top)
b1mike_it.jpg (36314 bytes)
Michael #1 and Italian #2
b1mike_pod2.jpg (90236 bytes)
Michael #1
b1logan.jpg (48786 bytes)
Logan #3
b1ken.jpg (82935 bytes)
Ken #4
b1luc_pod3.jpg (45575 bytes)
Luc #3
b1luc_pod2.jpg (51345 bytes) b1luc_pod1.jpg (20984 bytes)
Luc Gold and Bronze
b2grp_jh.jpg (42811 bytes)
Logan, Mike, Josh Henson, Luc, Ken
b2grp_htl.jpg (82231 bytes)
Josh Henson, Bruce Jones, Mike, Luc, Ken, Logan.
b2grp_train.jpg (49463 bytes)
Training Thursday morning. Ken, Rob Charette (MT,) Mike, Logan, Mark Lafond (MD)
b2grp_train2.jpg (47431 bytes) b1luc_bl.jpg (24619 bytes)
Olympic Gold Wrestler Blubaugh and Luc.

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