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UBC Martial Arts

The University of British Columbia (BC, CANADA) Martial Arts Program is the largest of its kind in Canada offering over 20 arts. see also SAMBO CLUB UBC HOME PAGE
Sombo Canada Dedicated to Sambo and combative Martial Arts - Igor Yakimov
USSA United States Sombo Association - The National Governing Body for SOMBO in the United States. Information for Sombo participants throughout the United States regardless of affiliation.
FIAS    Fédération Internationale Amateur de Sambo - International Amateur Sombo Federation
ASA America Sombo Academy - "America's Premier Combat Sombo Network"
Mark Densberger (Nat'l Coach) - Bruce Jones (USSA President) - Dayn DeRose (FIAS Rep.)  
990401 United States sombo information site that includes world wide data.  In full development.
990416 Official FIAS site for the U.S.A.  Under construction.

F.S.S.D.A. Fédération Suisse de Sambo et Disciplines Associées (Swiss Federation of Sambo and Associated Disciplines) In French and some in German and in Italian.
FFAS France Fédération Française Amateur de Sambo.  French Federation of Amateur Sambo.
Jean-Luc AMOUROUX, FFAS President.
991220 logotntsmall.jpg (21245 bytes)

TNT SAMBO CLUB, FRANCE. Michel ORTIZ SEMPERE, Founder, President, and Coach.

ASF American Sombo Federation -  West Orange, NJ (Leonid Polyakov , President )
All-Russian Martial Art Federation All-Russian Martial Art Federation - RUSSIA
AARMA American Academy for Russian Martial Arts - (Scott Sonnon, Exec. Dir. AARMACS, Inc.)
American Annex (American Annex of the) International and All-Russian Federation of Russian Martial Art
sambo707.jpg (8007 bytes) In 1997 ESC "Sombo-70" (Moscow) is recognized as the best school of Russia, and its director Lishev the best director of year.

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  First Russian Site Dedicated to Wrestling Sambo. Very informative site in Russian only. 60 years of Sambo. History, Rules, Theory and Methodolgy, Techniques, and Links. 
990108 cambomosc.gif (18109 bytes) Very new site in Russian only. Displays an interesting Menu and seems to be in construction for now.
991123 mosc_sambo_fed.jpg (7663 bytes) Mocsow Sambo Federation. Now, only in Russian.
991123 Primorsky, Vladivostok, Russia Primorsky Regional Unarmed Combat and Judo Federation. (Russian & English)
990326 SPASS St. Petersburg Saint-Petersburg Association of Sambo Students, Russia. Michael V. Akimov, Prestident  Click here for the site in Russian.
990326 Amazonka, Vladivostok,   Russia Amazonka is a women's sambo club in Vladivostok, Russia.
990326 Holmsk Sam-Bo, Russia Sambo club in the City of Holmsk on Sakhlin Island, Russia . Coach: Viktor I. Chenkevitch
990329 St. Pietersburg Sambo Federation 68, Kamennoostrovsky St.
197022,  Saint Pietersburg, Russia
990329 Sport Club of State Marine Technical University 103, Leninsky Avenue,
Saint Pietersburg, Russia
991113 Sprint, Kramatorsk, Ukraine Sport Club Sambo "SPRINT"  A young club with already a 1998 champion of the world.
990107 Japanese Amateur Sambo Association In Japanese only. Some pictures can be found on: (combat training) (members)
Wolverhampton UK The University of Wolverhampton Sambo Club (UK) -
991210 BRITISH SOMBO FEDERATION Governing Body for Sombo Wrestling in the United Kingdom; Chairman: Martin Clarke.
991210 Combatsombo UK CombatSombo is a UK registered service mark and is the property of Martin Clarke.
990427 Reston, VA Institute for Self Defense and Sport Sombo Budoshin Jujitsu and Sombo are taught
Sensei: Bruce Jones (Godan), Judy Jones (Sandan)
SV Rheingold Hamm 08 .A Sambo club in Germany. Only German version so far. (List two other clubs in Germany)
Millersville Martial Arts Club Millersville University, PA - Mark Sandblade, Purple Belt Sambo Club (Mark Sandblade, Purple Belt Instructor)
Lebanon Valley Wrestling Club Lebanon Valley College,  Annville PA
Chicago SOMBO & Ju-Jitsu Club A sports club for Grappling enthousiasts that was created to provide a safe and cost efficient alternative to high priced commercial martial arts studios. Member of the AAU, American Sombo Academy, American Sombo Federation, and the Shingitai Ju-Jitsu Association.
Champion Martial Arts
Club is located in St. Charles, MO and offers Tae Kwon Do, American Sombo, Cardio Karate, also incorporate Hapkido, Kali, Jeet Kune
Do, Silat, and Wing Chun.
ECC Sambo Club, NJ Essex County College, Newark, NJ.   Prof. Leonid Polyakov, Coordinator of the Department of Physical Education, Recreation and Health
990706 SnS Billings MT Founded in 1988, Stars N Stripes Wrestling includes Sombo. Coach Bob Charette. Activities include many travels, competitions abroad, and Bob's 3-month training  in Russia.   
990512 Stratford Sombo Stratford Sombo, Scott Anderson, webmaster Jeremy Mader. The page will hopefully be ready by the end of May 1999.
990528 Birmingham Sombo Club This club is located in Birmingham, Alabama, U.S.A., and has been run by Chris Magyar since January 1998
991113 American Sombo Academy - Milton PA Sombo for Sport and Self Defense - American Modified Sombo - Combat Sombo.
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Sambo Club KOZAK
Verdun, Canada (near Montreal)
Opened in Junuary 2000; Sport Sambo, Commando (Combat) Sambo, and Sanda (Chinese Kickboxing.) Founder and trainer: Eugene B. Shewchuk. Verdun, Quebec, Canada (near Montreal)
Russian Martial Art Toronto  Canada Russian Martial Art: by Vladimir Vasiliev and Michael Ryabko. School near Toronto in Thornhill, Ontario. Includes Bodyguard Training and Specialized Classes.
990108 Submission Grappling Academy - Calgary AB Canada Submission grappling is a sport/martial art/combat system based on concepts from Jiu Jitsu, Roman/Greco-Free style wrestling, Catch as Catch Can, Sombo, and Thai Boxing. It focusses on grappling and more specifically submission techniques.
SomboMania Information site about Sombo, FQA, Links, and more.
Sombo - A Style of Wrestling Web site about the book by Bruce Gabrielson, PhD  (Southern Maryland Wrestling Club Chesapeake Beach, MD and 1994 US SOMBO Team Coach)
Rickson Gracie  Rickson Gracie  Jiu-Jitsu  
MartialArts.Net Just a write-up: "Sambo, meaning "Self defense without a weapon", is a Russian martial art..."
Calendar Events
Calendar of Wrestling Events in  BRITAIN and EUROPE classified two ways: by Months or Wrestling Styles. (including Sombo)
Martial Arts Links Martial Arts Links (425 to be exact) 
Martial Arts Sites Martial Arts Sites on the Web by Danny Abramovitch (California USA)
The Place To Start To Find Everything You Want About Amateur Wrestling.
For SAMBO click on "Styles"
990810 The Web's Best of Amateur Wrestling Site by Tom Fortunato - different styles world wide - 1559 links (and growing) - wrestling stamp collection.
.TNFC The New Full Contant: posts "Rumors" and News related to Combat and Mixed Martial Arts, has articles, offers also an email Digest, and more. Has posted the Oleg Taktarov seminar and workshop at UBC (last dated 4/26/98)
Personal Home Pages
Igor Kurinnoy, Moscow, Russia Merited Master of Sport (in Sambo) Igor Kurinnoy.  Double Champion of the World in 1991 & 1994, and much more ... a top athlete!
990107 Jito Wakabayashi Very well presented. Basically in Japanese. Sambo News, '98 World Championship, Photogalleries, and more.
Jovany Varela Official Homepage of Jovany Varela:  Int'l Champ. Combat Sambo, Judo & Combat Jiu-Jitsu, N.H.B. No Rules Fighting, PELEAS SIN REGLAS
990512 Jon 'Celt' Mullan This site has a link to martial arts which includes Sombo.
990512 Todd Milhoan Student at Arizona State University in Tempe.Wrestler, judoka, USA National Sambo Team Member with impressive achievements. Good explanations and illustrations.
Web Site that have posted links to our Sambo site. Thank you!
Yan Yankowski
St. Petersburg, Russia
Excellent site: Catalogue of Russain Links, Russian Phrase Book, Landscapes, and much more. Linked to Sambo on:

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IOC... International Olympic Committee
ICAS... International Court of Arbitration for Sport
GAISF... the General Association of International Sport Federations
IWGA... International World Games Association
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