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City of Holmsk
Sakhlin Island, Russia


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Viktor Iosefovitch Chenkevitch

The merited coach V. I. Chenkevitch runs the Sambo and Judo School at Holmsk. He also teaches self-defense. He has been teaching sambo and judo for 27 years.

Mr. Chenkevitch is available to conduct seminars worldwide to sambo clubs or martial arts clubs that are intersted in the sambo techniques and russian self-defense.

V. I. Chenkevitch is also a chiropractor and hypnotherapist.

This web site is still under construction. For more information or to contact Viktor I. Chenkevitch sen eamil to

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Michael Chernyh is one of  V. I. Chenkevitch's former students and is presently one of the Sambo Coaches at UBC and assistent Judo Coach at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver BC, Canada.

Sakhalin Island, Russia