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Last update
April 26, 1999

Oleg Taktarov's Seminar at UBC
March 8, 1998
Click on pictures to see full size display!


This is Gallery 1



Not all the participants are features here... some eluded the camera ...

y19.jpg (29128 bytes)
Oleg demonstrates a technical arm position setting up the cross-body armbar.
y3.JPG (53420 bytes)
Oleg demonstrates on
Andreh Anderson, his assistant.
y4.jpg (35938 bytes)
Oleg demonstrates on
Andreh Anderson.
y21.jpg (17116 bytes)
Oleg applying a painful stretch on Andreh A.
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y11.jpg (21974 bytes)
Andhreh showing Matt how to apply an Achiles' heellock.
y9.jpg (23755 bytes)
Steven Y. & Matthew C.
y7.JPG (48663 bytes)
Steven Y. would love to attack Oleg!
cr02.jpg (141394 bytes)
y17.jpg (22072 bytes)
Oleg setting up a good move that will end in a leg/knee lock.
6.jpg (33547 bytes)
Tony W. vs. Matt B.
cr04.jpg (65780 bytes)
5.jpg (142203 bytes)
Matt vs. Bo - Oleg watches
4.jpg (160870 bytes)
Andreh A. 2nd - Oleg T.5th Vadim S. 6th standing
1.jpg (148362 bytes)
Oleg Taktarov (middle) Andreh Anderson (2nd from left)
v2.JPG (52886 bytes)
Kathryn spars with Erik the day before the seminar. Oleg is sparing with Matt, Andreh watches.
v3.JPG (47065 bytes)
Kathryn elegantly throws Erik. Oleg is sparing on the ground.
v1.JPG (26999 bytes)
Kathryn of UBC Sambo does a hipthrow on Andreh!
12.jpg (14719 bytes)
Vadim Slavin & Oleg Taktarov
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If you have your own pictures of the saminar I can scan and post them if you wish. You can email me! Thanx.