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Canadian International Jiujitsu Championships

Matches:  Division A:  Brazilian Style (Gi's)

Division B:   Freestyle (T-shirts)

Each match will be 5 minutes with no over time. As this is a grappling tournament, competitors will not be separated on the ground, unless submission is indicated or time has expired.
All categories must have a minimum of 4 competitors. In the event that a category is canceled, the heaviest competitor from the canceled category will be assigned to the higher weight division and the lighter being assigned to the lower weight level.

Semi final winners will fight for First and Second place, while Semi final losers will fight for Third and Fourth.
Medal matches will be granted a 1-minute overtime if required

Tournament Rules
- No Biting or eye gouging - No hair pulling
- No finger breaking - No fingers/hands inside the cuffs
- No striking    - No ankle or knee twists
- No slamming opponent ( throwing to the ground as a means of passing guard. )
Techniques allowed
No Striking techniques (with any part of the body).
Competitor will be disqualified if striking occurs.
Chokes: Any choke that renders the opponent into submission. Chokes can be applied with either arms, legs or with the clothing. Competitors can not apply choke by directly squeezing opponents throat with hand or pushing against throat to cause loss of breath. Ways of submission can be from side, front, and from behind.
Joint locks: Any technique where pressure is applied against the joint forcing opponent to submit. Competitors are permitted to use Standard Arm locks, Inverted Arm locks, Shoulder locks, Wrist locks, Foot locks, and Straight knee locks, etc. Techniques which require twisting of the joint are prohibited.
Attire and Safety Equipment
For Division A: A freshly washed traditional martial arts GI, in full must be worn. ( Top, Pant, Belt)
For Division B: A freshly washed T-shirt (with no profane language or images) and shorts. Wrestling shoes permitted.
If your clothing becomes bloodied or torn, you will be asked to replace it immediately or forfeit the match. Mouth guards, knee pads, and groin protectors are recommended. No protective gear shall contain metal or hard plastic substances of any sort. No abrasive, rough, torn, or loose equipment will be permitted. Competitors with long hair should tie it behind their head. The nails must be filed properly and cut short. Proper hygiene is in order. No jewelry is permitted while competing.
Weigh in will be conducted the morning of the competition during registration.
Doors open at 8:30. Registration begins at 9:00am. Matches begin at 10:00am Sharp.
Please enter in the category most suited for your abilities. We encourage fair competition
Both divisions A & B ( Brazilian & Freestyle ) will run simultaneously with competitors competing against only those in their division. A registered Brazilian stylist will not compete against a Free stylist, only Brazilian stylist. All medal round matches will be held after all elimination matches have taken place starting with light novice and ending with advance open.


At the conclusion of the match where no submission has been achieved, the winner will be determined by the most points. Points will be awarded based on the following criteria.
2 Points
     Complete Sweep ( and come over from the bottom )
When a competitor sweeps or flips his opponent, using his legs reversing his own position from bottom to top ( while opponent is in the guard ).
     Reversing the position
When competitor is able to successfully reverse the position and maintain it.
Example: Escape the mount. Reversing the cross mount, etc.
     Perfect throw ( Ippon in Judo ).
When a competitor offensively ( using a throw ) forces his opponent to the mat from the standing position. Offensive fighter must be in control and in stable position for points to be awarded.
     Knee in stomach
When competitor is able to place one knee on opponents torso and maintain control for a minimum of 3 seconds.
3 Points
     Pass the guard.
When opponent is on his/her back with legs around competitor. Competitor is able to get around the legs and establish a cross mounted position. Competitor must have complete control in cross-side mount for 3 seconds.
4 Points
     Achieve and maintain mounted position.
When competitor is able to successfully be on top of opponent with legs straddled and both feet and knees on the mat. Legs must be unobstructed and on the ground.
     Taking the back.
When competitor is able to be on opponents back with both feet securely hooked in. Feet must be hooked in for points, attempt at choke does not achieve points unless results in submission.
Submission will win the match regardless of points.
Submission is achieved when opponent taps out (repeatedly taps opponent or ground to signal intention to stop match) due to inability to escape technique that results in a degree of discomfort.
In the event of a tie in points, advantage will be determined. The Referee has final decision
- Any take down with technique. - Any attempt at choke, arm lock, or near submission.
- Reversal of Fight without technique. - Person with more aggressive stance.
A competitor will be disqualified from the match if he/she intentionally tries to injure his/her opponent by twisting the neck or by lifting his opponent and throwing him on his neck to the ground etc. or where there is an infraction to the tournament rules.

A competitor who demonstrates a lack of desire to fight by opening his GI, trying to escape the area of the match, trying to escape the grounds, or by not taking the fight to the ground will receive a warning by the judge. A second warning will result in the deduction of 2 points. A third warning will result in forfeiture of the match.

Exiting the Ring Area.  When in an attempt to either escape a possible submission, delaying time, or passing the guard a competitor intentionally moves out of the ring area. In the event that a competitor intentionally moves out of the ring area to avoid submission both competitors will be moved to the center of the ring in the position they were in at time of exiting. A warning will be given to the offending competitor. A second attempt to move out of ring area to escape will result in a 2 point deduction. A third time will result in forfeiture of match.

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